Good Medicine Tooled Leather Purse

  • $750.00

 Good Medicine, this bag is handmade and one of a kind! The front features a beautiful bouquet of herbal tooled leather flowers that are good for the body and soul, with a Pendleton wool inlay. The adjustable strap has a coordinating stamped design and Horseshoe Brand buckle. The interior is lined and is one big open compartment. The backside of the bag has a few scars and dimples which give it a unique story from the cow cow it came from! 

Measurements: 8x10x4”. The strap is 3/4” wide and will adjust from 42-48”.

* All of our products are 100% made by hand. Each piece is measured, cut, tooled, dyed and assembled by hand, so even if we try they will never be "machine" perfect. Some leathers may have scuffs, brands or scars giving the final product its own unique charm and character. No two pieces will ever be identical! *