Daisy Chainstitch & Pendleton Leather Purse

  • $275.00

The front features an original chainstitch embroidered design on Pendleton wool and buckstitched accents. Adjustable crossbody strap with a horseshoe brand buckle. 

Measurements: 5.5x8x2.5”

* All of our products are 100% made by hand. Each piece is measured, cut, tooled, dyed and assembled by hand, so even if we try they will never be "machine" perfect. Some leathers may have scuffs, brands or scars giving the final product its own unique charm and character. No two pieces will ever be identical!*

* Our chainstitch embroidery is done on a 1940's singer sewing machine. Unlike modern computerized machines the old singer has a handle under the table which the operator turns to create their design. Essentially it is the concept of drawing with thread. Each piece is made one at a time and each will feature its own unique stitch pattern.*