About the Artist

Hi and welcome to 76 & Riveted!

I am Ashley, the maker behind the artwork! First and foremost I just have to say that I hate talking about myself so its has been a bit of a struggle to write an about me page but here we go.. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education with an expired preK-12 teaching license from Virginia Commonwealth University.  I don't think that I ever really wanted to become a teacher, it just seemed like a practical degree to pursue at the time. While I was there I had the pleasure of doing a concentration in textiles and would spend as much time as I could sewing and weaving on a loom. But my love for sewing and creating happened well before I ever stepped foot in a college classroom. I credit a lot of my love of creating to being in 4-H as a child. I did everything from sewing to candy making and beef steers to rocket building. It was where I learned to sew and truly work with my hands. Fast forward to 2014 I decided to try to build my first leather bag because I couldn't afford to buy one. Since then the working with leather obsession has spiraled out of control, expanded with some chainstitch embroidery and has become what you now know as 76 & Riveted!